Workshop with Yamaha International Demonstrator

Yuuki Shimada is one of the pro-active international demonstrators from Yamaha, Japan. This close event will be a demonstration event on 2 electric piano models CLP-645R and YDP-103R

Suitable for: music students and parents
Time: 18:00 – 20:30 Thu 14 September 2017
Venue: Neokid Airport, 19 Dong Nai P2 Tan Binh
Demo Yuuki Shimada Yamaha Neokid
Being presented by cooperation of Yamaha and Neokid, we hope to bring you a closer and more detailed understanding and feeling about the electric pianos, how to use them effectively. Moreover, you can enjoy music performances with Shimada-san and Neokid students in a warm setting.

DSC_3470-3The audience will be limited just to 40 persons, so please contact Neokid asap to reserve your seat at the demo event. We only accept online registrations by inbox or comment in the discussion section of this event or direct registrations at our venue

All the best from Yamaha and Neokid

Demo Yuuki Shimada Neokid Yamaha
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